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"When Meadows' men set sail, it's sure to be a mission like no other."
--W.E.B. Griffin

"Rip-snorting, realistic action-adventure from a man who
has been there. David Meadows is the real thing,"

--Stephen Coonts author of numerous bestsellers, including
Flight of the Intruder, Saucer, America, and Liberty.

"An absorbing, compelling look at America's future place in the world. It's
visionary, and scary. Great battle scenes, believable heroes, plus villains
you'll love to hate!"

-Joe Buff, bestselling author of Straits of Power, Tidal Rip, and Crush Depth.

"David E. Meadows is simply the best writer of naval thriller/adventure fiction out there today."
--Tom Wilson, acclaimed author of Black Canyon, Desert Fury, Tango Uniform and other best selling military thrillers.

Upcoming Appearances/Signings

LATEST WORKS. JOINT TASK FORCE AFRICA released March 1st. I think of it as my VQ-Naval Security Group Activity Rota novel. I will be at the Books-A-Million in Laurel, Maryland (351 Montrose Ave) between 1:00PM to 3:00PM on March 26th promoting this latest book. Call 301-953-9663 for details or to reserve books. If you are interested in other books of mine, please call the store and ask them to get copies for you. Give them a few days-even a week-notice. I hope all of you can come to Books-A-Million. This will be my first appearance in Laurel, Maryland. I always notate that in the first book I sign.

As many of you have expressed, my books are hard to find in bookstores after initial release. That’s because they’re paperback. Unless you are one of the top writers in America, what happens is that the book buyers purchase certain numbers of new releases. When they sell out, it may be weeks-sometimes a 2-3 months before they refresh the stock. So, stores sell what they have and somewhere in corporate America, a book buyer analyses sells and determines whether to restock them. You don’t have to wait for the refresh. You can special order from your favorite bookstore. Doesn’t cost you anything. They like the business and they’ll call you when the books come it. Most times, you’re talking a 2-3 days wait. Best way to ensure you get a copy of JOINT TASK FORCE AFRICA is call the bookstore today and ask them to reserve a copy for you.

David E. Meadows / SixthFleet.Com
David E. Meadows
Washington D.C.

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