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"When Meadows' men set sail, it's sure to be a mission like no other."
--W.E.B. Griffin

"Rip-snorting, realistic action-adventure from a man who
has been there. David Meadows is the real thing,"

--Stephen Coonts author of numerous bestsellers, including
Flight of the Intruder, Saucer, America, and Liberty.

"An absorbing, compelling look at America's future place in the world. It's
visionary, and scary. Great battle scenes, believable heroes, plus villains
you'll love to hate!"

-Joe Buff, bestselling author of Straits of Power, Tidal Rip, and Crush Depth.

"David E. Meadows is simply the best writer of naval thriller/adventure fiction out there today."
--Tom Wilson, acclaimed author of Black Canyon, Desert Fury, Tango Uniform and other best selling military thrillers.

David E. Meadows - Biography

(Photograph of author taken in EA-3B in 1976.)

David E. Meadows is a retired U.S. Navy Captain and the author of numerous military thrillers such as Sixth Fleet, Seawolf, and Tomcat. His eighth novel, JOINT TASK FORCE AFRICA, was released March 2005. He recently signed a 3-book contract with Penguin Group in August 2005. His ninth novel, DARK PACIFIC, is due for release in 2006 with novels number 10 and 11 scheduled for 2007. He also writes an OPED column for Military dot com and is a member of the Authors Guild.

Meadows is recognized for his accuracy in showing what today’s events mean for the future. Such noted authors as Stephen Coonts, Joe Buff, Robert Gandt, Victoria Taylor-Murray, and W.E.B. Griffin to the noted political figure and author Newt Gingrich have praised his writings. He has appeared as a guest at numerous professional and literary events.

During his Navy Career of 37-years, David Meadows spent nearly 10-years at-sea on a variety of warships where he qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer. He has aircrew and Naval Observer wings with over 5000-flight hours in three different types of reconnaissance aircraft. He enlisted in the Navy in December 1967; made Chief Petty Officer in 1977; and was commissioned in 1980. He rose from E-2 in the Cryptologic field of the Navy to the Number 2 position as Deputy Commander, Naval Security Group Command; his last duty station and position prior to retirement.

David E. Meadows has a Bachelor of Science degree in Arabic/Middle East Studies with a minor in French. He speaks neither language well as evident by the French offering him unlimited libation if he would never-ever speak their language again. He also has a MBA and a MS in National Resource Strategy. He has served ashore in Rota, Spain; Athens, Greece; Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico; Bureau of Naval Personnel; London, England; Norfolk, Virginia; San Diego, California; Corry Station-Pensacola, Florida; and the Joint Staff.

He loves basketball, but the sport no longer loves him with many pickup games preferring to play five against four rather than have him come off the bench.

He is a native of Newnan and Coweta County Georgia, growing up in the small cotton mill of Sargent, Georgia. He and his wife Felicity live in Maryland. He is married to the amazing Felicity Bellis of Manchester, England, who has received many accolades for remaining with him all these years. Their daughter Sara and son Nicholas are grown and pursuing their own careers.

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