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by David E. Meadows , [IMAGE]2008

[IMAGE] The investment gurus tell us how great the stock market is and if we leave our money in their funds and stock-picks, when we retire... Voila; it'll be there!

So, we pick our portfolios, systematically shove our money into them over the years, and periodically glance to see if they are on-track and where we have been told they will be be. That is strategic investing.

Well... strategic investing is not fun right now. Everywhere people are losing sleep, ingesting tons of Rolaids and Tums, as they watch their retirement nest eggs spiral downward. It ain't fun.

Now, it's time we do something about it. It's time to do tactical investing. That's where you pick out your portfolios of running stock, bundled it to your own best strategy, watch that strategy unfold, watch it intently to see if its on-track, and in less than a minute and a half you discover whether you've made a profit or not.

And, that tactical investing is an American legacy. A family institution. And, one still alive and vibrant in America. It's called betting on the horses.

Why spend endless hours, days, weeks, and months worrying about your investment when you can determine in less than a minute and a half if your investment has paid off or if you have lost everything invested? Another big difference between investing in horses for fun and profit is that the bet can be as low as 50-cents, though the average minimum is $2, and your investment strategy on a particular horse or group of horses can pay off into the thousands. The payoff for the right bundling is that horses pay quicker, have higher value than most stocks today, and have more character and integrity than the CEOs who got us in the housing-bubble mess still earthquaking through the financial markets.

Stress. Why spend thousands of dollars a month in a stock market that is shaky and rocky right now when after you do the worrisome stress makes for sleepless nights and hollow days. Did I do the right thing? Will my dollars be there tomorrow morning? How healthy is the institution that I am storing my dollars with? Will it even survive through tomorrow? Wow! It's a worry.

There is a health benefit for the horse player in today's stock market. With horse-racing, you can place $2 on the 'stock' of your choice and in less than a minute and a half know whether you have made a profit or lost your entire investment. The stress is different. It's exhilarating, exciting, the roar of the crowd and---the stress lasts about a minute and half. Then, you have about 16-20 minutes to recover before the next investment circuit begins.

The average horse race involves eight to ten horses running lengths under a mile and an eighth. They all start out together; unlike businesses on Wall Street. Most of them are equivalent in class; unlike Wall Street stocks. Each horse, trainer, and jockey make no profit on your investments; unlike Wall Street. You either win on your tactical bundling, or you lose.

There is a similarity between stock markets and horses in that both stock market members and owners of horses have the same objective: Make money. In the stock market, if your company goes bankrupt, you lose everything. In horse racing, if the horse is scratched from the race and unable to compete, you get your money back.

Like Wall Street each horse; each trainer; and, each jockey have a 'return on investment' figure. That ROI helps in your bundling analyses.

Horses have past performances just like businesses, only horse racing is more open to public scrutiny than most businesses and the only thing nefarious about a horse is they sometimes kick and bite their trainers, workers, and jockeys.

Horses sometimes even throw the jockey off their backs. But, they don't take the entire 'investing' public with them when they lose like Lehman's Brothers, Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac, and a myriad of financial institutions who are guilty of feeding the housing bubble that got us where we are now.

You would never take the family to the stock broker even during the normal times before the bubble burst. Today, it can be damn-right depressing.

On the other hand, taking the family to the track is a family outing. Horses for the kids to watch. Food at the concession stands to eat. Bleachers to watch the races. The roar of the crowd and the thrill of seeing if your $2-bet is going to win.

Throughout history the race track has been an American legacy. Families spent Saturday or Sunday afternoons at the local track, taking picnic baskets, the kids, meeting the relatives, and, enjoying the day. Whether seated in the bleachers or standing at the rails watching massive and beautiful beasts compete for the top three finishes in a race is something young children will never forget. And, when you win, you won't forget. It's bragging rights because no stock broker steered you that investment.

So, take the family, and head to the tracks to learn the art of tactical investing. It's a hell of lot more fun than sitting in front of your computer screen watching the tumbling numbers of Wall Street. And, probably will be more profitable.

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