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"When Meadows' men set sail, it's sure to be a mission like no other."
--W.E.B. Griffin

"Rip-snorting, realistic action-adventure from a man who
has been there. David Meadows is the real thing,"

--Stephen Coonts author of numerous bestsellers, including
Flight of the Intruder, Saucer, America, and Liberty.

"An absorbing, compelling look at America's future place in the world. It's
visionary, and scary. Great battle scenes, believable heroes, plus villains
you'll love to hate!"

-Joe Buff, bestselling author of Straits of Power, Tidal Rip, and Crush Depth.

"David E. Meadows is simply the best writer of naval thriller/adventure fiction out there today."
--Tom Wilson, acclaimed author of Black Canyon, Desert Fury, Tango Uniform and other best selling military thrillers.


Meadows will have you turning pages and thinking new thoughts..., March 25, 2004
Newt Gingrich

David Meadows is a fine emerging author of action-military stories with interesting twists. His books are useful to stretch your mind and connect events and ideas that you would not automatically have put in the same category.

In this volume from his Joint Task Force series, a group of Americans have spent the last few years building a settlement in Liberia and are trying to retire to a community that would help their ancestral land while allowing them to enjoy life when a group of Islamic fanatics begin taking over Liberia and killing all the Americans. Among the retired Americans is an African American General with strong combat experience and his top sergeant.

Meanwhile, off the American coast, a Navy-Marine Joint Task Force is experimenting with a new generation of experimental unmanned fighter aircraft (think predators but much more agile) when it is assigned the immediate challenge of rescuing the Americans in Liberia before the marauding Islamists massacre them. Additionally, the French have decided to intervene with a stronger Naval force and since no American aircraft carrier is in the area, think they will have the dominant force necessary to humiliate the Americans.

The interspersing of Americans trying to survive in Liberia, fighter experimentation at the cutting edge, a tense standoff with an 'ally' and the Navy-Marine determination to save their fellow citizens makes for a consistently interesting read.

Simply stated, Meadows will have you turning pages and thinking new thoughts.

Could have been taken from todays headlines..., September 20, 2004
Vickie Taylor Murray "Author/Amazon Reviewer"

I have become such a fan of this fantastic writer and know if you are a fan of this amazing genre in no-time at all you will become a fan as well! Captain Meadows is an exciting writer whose books hold the reader captive from page one on...I kid you not! Start with his "Sixth Fleet" series and move your way up to his BESTSELLING "Joint Task Force" series. You'll thank me later, I promise!

In "Joint Task Force France," a routine excerise turns into a mysterious disaster, when a fleet of F-16 fighters simply vanishes. Someone has gotten hold of an experimental weapon being developed by the American Missile Defense Office--and all signs point to the French.

Take my word for it...this is one amazing story you won't want to miss!!!

Above the Pack..., November 12, 2004
Bonnie Toews "Author/Amazon Reviewer"

Captain David E. Meadows rises to the top of the military thriller with Joint Task Force: Liberia. His growing mastery of suspense and characterization captures the reader with his opening sentence: "Ullma pulled the children closer." From here, he delves into the terror of ordinary citizens and children suddenly pitched into the lap of rebel extremists without a lifeline in Liberia. He not only paints the resulting American military rescue scenes with realism and true-to-life dialogue, he presents an interesting political scenario that nails the hidden agenda of a so-called ally: France. This is an author who knows the insides-out of his subject and gives us a fly-on-the-wall view of real possibilities in a world that now rocks with anti-Americanism. For this reason he stands apart from Tom Clancy and is building his own throne in military fiction. Kudos for the first of his Joint Task Force series. Can't wait to read the rest.

What More Can I Say!..., September 30, 2002
Reviewer: Norm Harris "Author/Amazon Reviewer"

Based on the other fine reviews of this book, at this juncture, my review would be redundant. All of the superlatives have been exhausted. It's true what they all say. If the term "streetwise" applies to military thrillers, then let the term apply to Capt. Meadows' Sixth Fleet. He writes with authority.

I very much enjoyed the raging battle scenes toward the end of the story. There is absolutely nothing good or grand about war, but I will note that Capt. Meadows did a masterful job at creating some very dramatic and very real battle scenes. The Americans and Italians are fighting the Libyans, both at sea and in the air.

I look forward to reading the entire Sixth Fleet series. The good news is that Capt. Meadows has recently contracted to do four more books. Well-done David. Cheers, shipmate.

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